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Some things in life are inherently connected to student life, think about constitution drinks, pasta pesto, staying awake all night because you pushed your deadline and - most importantly - klonkieball. This thrilling sport, which is a favorite among students, can be played with friends, roommates and others. But what if your roommates are busy with deadlines and your friends have other plans and you still want to play klonkieball? Then you join Klocus!

Klocus is founded to unite students from all over the university to play klonkieball while also improving their skills. We host a monthly training where you can learn all the skills that are necessary to win klonkieball. Besides that you can form a team and put those skills to use by participating in our competition and tournaments.

In short Klocus is there for those that want to play klonkieball and meet new people or for those who already have a team and want to show the university that you are the absolute best.

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