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What is klonkieball?

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Many people are familiar with the game flunkyball, klonkieball works basically the same, but the participants drink a can of 0.5L Klok, at room temperature of course. Note that it is better for your health to play this game without alcohol, so please take care and make your future-self happy.

How to play klonkieball?

A short introduction for those who have not had the joy of playing this wonderful game.

Klonkieball is a simple sport. It is played by two teams who both position themselves on the opposite sides of a rectangle field. A plastic bottle that is not completely filled with water is placed in the middle of the playing field. Every player has his or her own drink that is placed in front of the player. The teams take alternating turns in throwing a ball or shoe at the bottle that is in the middle of the field. If the bottle is toppled the team that threw the ball gets to drink their drink, while the opposing team has to reposition the bottle as fast as possible. When the bottle is placed upright in the middle of the field and all players are at their side of the field again everyone has to stop drinking. This continues until every player from one team has finished their drink. The team that is the first to achieve this wins. The losing team has to down the remainder of their drink.

What do I need for klonkieball?

  • 0.5L can of a certain drink, for every person a lot.
  • A shoe
  • An empty soft drink bottle
  • Friends to play with