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NK Klonkiebal tournament

21st of May 2022, 12:29

On the 6th of June we as the Klocus are organize the first ever Dutch Championship klonkieball! We are very hyped and have been putting a lot of time in the organization. Together with the sponsoring of YER we are able to give all participant unlimited drinks and we have invited a live band to perform. It will take place on the University of Twente, from 15:00 till 21:00. You can sign up here, we hope to see you there!


3rd of February 2022, 9:31

We have two amazing long term sponsors! Our first sponsors: the Update has prolonged their contract and 3D labs is now 3D printing amazing attributes that we will use during our matches of klonkieball. 3D labs is also sponsoring the NK klonkieball tournament.


23rd of March 2022, 23:49

On the 23th of May we had our first Dies. With an amazing training in the sun with free food we celebrated the first year of our association.

Start of the Klonkiebal season and legal documents almost ready.

19th of August 2021, 16:31

We've been working together with Damsté advocaten to set up the statutes for our association. We've also been working hard on our first Open Tournament!

Request of SU approval

10th of May 2021, 18:31

The past weeks we have been busy with writing a policy for our association. This is needed to become a Student Union approved association, which will bring some cool advantages.
Are you as excited as we are and can't you wait with playing a game of klonkieball? See the upcoming tournament on our activities page.

Are you curious of what Klocus is going to offer? Have a look at our policy.